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A Passage to India poster

A Passage to India

by E.M. Forster

Adapted by Martin Sherman

Directed by Mark Nagle

Sydney Premiere

Season: 15th May - 19th June 2021
Preview night 14th May
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm


Set in 1924 during the period of the British Raj, it tells the story of the interactions of several characters in the fictional city of Chandrapore. When newcomer to India, Adela, accuses Aziz of an attempted rape within the nearby Marabar Caves, the city is split between the British elite and the native underclass while the friendship between Aziz and Fielding is truly tested. The play explores themes of racism, imperialism, religion, sexual awakening and the nature of relationships both friendly and marital. It is East meets West!!

Biography of Director

After studies in performance and production at Theatre Nepean Mark lived and worked overseas where he undertook theatre projects in London, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Mexico City. Returning to Sydney 10 years ago Mark divides his time between the Genesians and New Theatre. He completed studies in directing via NIDA OPEN in 2012 & 2017. For GTC he was assistant director on Amadeus (2014), Much Ado About Nothing (2017) and directed Simpson, J. 202 (2015), and another work of E.M. Forster's - A Room With A View (2018). At New Theatre Mark was assistant director for Dinkum Assorted (2015), After The Dance (2017) and The Lieutenant of Inishmore (2018) while directing Young Pretender (2016) for Sydney Fringe Festival and F*cking Men (2018), Angry Fags (2020) and Beautiful Thing (2021) for The Sydney LGBTQI+ Mardi Gras Arts Festival.

Principal Roles

Dr Aziz Ahmed - A Muslim doctor. Amusing, passionate, principled. Befriends Adela and Mrs Moore. Age: 30

Adela Quested - An Englishwoman full of curiosity, but impressionable, In India for the first time. Age: 20 - 25

Ronny Heaslop - A city magistrate engaged to Adela. Conservative/stoic. Suspicious of Indians. Age: 30 - 35

Mrs Moore - Ronny's mother from her first marriage. A disillusioned though authentic Christian. Mature aged.

Cyril Fielding - The principle of a local college and indophile. Loyal to Aziz & despised by the Anglos. Age: 35

Narayan Godbole - A professor at Fielding’s college. A Hindu Brahmin & philosophical mystic. Age: 35 - 40

Featured Roles

McBryde - A Police Superintendent, slightly more sympathetic to Indians living under the British Raj. Age: 50s

Nancy Derek - Employed by a Maharajah in a nearby princely state. Free-spirited & McBryde’s secret lover. 30

Mahmoud Ali - A vakil (native lawyer). Co-defends Aziz at court. A Muslim, somewhat ironic. Approx age: 40

Hamidullah Begum - A prominent lawyer and distant relative to Aziz. A Muslim. Loathsome of Adela. Age; 30

Mr Turton - The Collector in the civil administration. He epitomises the very worst of The British Raj. Age: 35

Mrs Tutorn - An unrepentant racist and snob. Elitist and hateful, despising all things Indian. Approx age: 25-35

Supporting Roles played by ensemble actors

Burton (a boorish drunk), Major Callender (a civil servant), A Subaltern (a military policeman), Ralph Moore.
Presiding over the trial: Mohammed Latif, Mr Haq, Amritrao, Das, Others: Rafi, Mrs Bhattacharya, Drivers etc

Audition requirements: Selected adapted monologues from the script (available from the director) to be presented. Call back scenes to be arranged. Auditions: Tues 9 - Sat 13 February.

Tuesday 9th from 5pm, Thursday 11th from 5pm, and Sat 13th 10am - 4:30pm)

Dancers, singers and musicians to present their skills at auditions or send recordings.

All actors to learn one supplied monologue in advance of their audition. Applications close Mon Feb 8, 3pm.

Please send a performance resume (no matter what length) along with a current headshot.

This is an unpaid community theatre production. Full commitment to rehearsal period required.

Rehearsal period:

In the CBD and Marrickville - from the weekend of 27/28 Feb until May 13 2021. Preview Fri 14th May 2021. Opens Sat May 15. Performances are Fri and Sat eves 7:30 & Sunday matinees at 4:30pm. Last performance Sat June 19. Please note that rehearsals for the whole cast will take place for a full half day either on a Saturday or Sunday (TBC). Afternoon/Evening rehearsals are up to twice a week for principal roles.

All cast needed from April 27 - May 13 2021


Should you have any questions, please contact Mark Nagle via the above email.

An amateur production by arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd