Persuasion opening 29th June!

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Ladies in Black poster

Ladies in Black

Book by Carolyn Burns

Music and Lyrics by Tim Finn

From the novel Women in Black by Madeleine St John

Directed by Debbie Smith

Musical Director Omid Moheb Zadeh

Season: 26th October - 7th December 2019
Preview night 25th October
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

Auditions: Friday 21st June between 5.30-8.30pm,
Saturday 22nd June between 3-6pm
Sunday 23rd between 2-5.30pm and
Tues 25th June between 5-8pm
Location: Genesian Theatre Rehearsal Space, Unit 2 13-21 Cadogan St, Marrickville (10 min walk from Sydenham Station)

Please Note:

  • This is a non-professional production and the actors do not get paid
  • The GTC does not have understudies for any roles and actors are required to be present for ALL performances
  • Next to all character profiles is the singing range - Please audition for the part which is most suitable for your range, age group and personality
  • To audition: you will need to contact the director to get the music for a song(s) from the show and be confident to perform this at the audition with a pianist, you may also be required to sing a song of your choice (unaccompanied) and read a scene from the play
  • You will also need to complete the audition form ahead of time and send it with a photo to the director and secure an audition timeslot
  • Below is a list of characters from the script. We may double the parts as suggested, but at this stage I hope we will have a larger cast. I would like an extra 3-5 women and 1-3 men to form a chorus

Director's email: Debbie Smith phone 0437937802


To request an audition please download an audition form and email the completed form along with your CV and headshot to


Lisa 16. A thin, shy bookworm, who is described as having neither style nore beauty, yet emerges with both at the end of the story. G#3-D5

Myra / Dawn Myra is Fay's best friend - buxom, cheerful and out for a good time. Dawn is Patty's sister - forthrignht, cynical and rough round the edges. A3-B4

Patty 32 year old, unhappily married shop assistant at Goodes. She has failed to have a baby and her husband is chronically uncommunicative. G3-Eb5

Frank Patty's 35-40 year old husband. Described by others as 'gormless' Frank is a tile salesman with little ambition or vitality. G#2-G4

Magda An exotic Hungarian of about 40. In charge of Model Gowns at Goodes, she is the embodiment of European style, glamourous, educated and beautifully presented. A3-E5

Rudi / Lloyd / Fred Potentially all played by one actor in his mid to late 30s. Lloyd and Fred are two Australian men on the look-out for a good time. Rudi is Hungarian refugee on the look-out for a wife. He is charming, well-read, irrepressible, a beautiful dancer and a genuine lover of women. C3-A4

Mrs Miles Lisa's mother, in her late thirties or forties. She dotes on her daughter, is proud of her and wants the best for her. D4-A4

Miss Cartwright / Joy / Customer A potential double for an actress of about 40. Miss Cartwright is the blue-stocking, crisply authoritative manager of the Ladies Department at Goodes. Joy is Patty's older sister. Exhausted by motherhood and housework, she doesn't live up to her name A3-C#5

Miss Jacobs / Mrs Crown A potential double for an actress in her sixties. Miss Jacobs has worked in Goodes her whole life. Mrs Crown is Patty's mother. E3-C5 / A3-A4

Fay 29 year old shop assistant at Goodes. Pretty and cheerful, but has had a series of unfortunate relationships with unsuitable men. G3-Eb5

Mr Miles / Stefan Both are in their 40's. Me Miles is stiff, conservative and authoritarian. Stefan is an ebullient Hungarian intellectual and bon vivant. G2-D4 / D2-C4