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The Secret of Chimneys poster

The Secret of Chimneys

by Agatha Christie

Directed by Molly Haddon

Australian Premiere

Season: 30th May - 11th July 2020
Preview night 29th May
Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

Auditions: Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd of March
Call Backs: Wednesday 25th of March

Please note that this is an unpaid production.

Audition Information

Auditions will be held on Wednesday 18th of March (4-9pm), Saturday 21st of March (10am - 4:30pm) and Sunday 22nd of March (10am - 2.30pm) at the Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent Street, Sydney. Call backs will be held the following Wednesday evening, 25th of March, and a first read for the successful cast should be held on Sunday 29th of March.

Actors are asked to prepare a two minute monologue of their choosing for the audition and will be given a scene to perform one the day. Please arrive 15mins prior to your audition time to familiarise yourself with this scene.

Please email Molly Haddon at to book an audition time. Please attach a headshot/photo, and a CV/brief description of your experience, as well as listing the character/s you are interested in auditioning for and your preferred time/s to audition. All attempts will be made to ensure you receive your preferred time, however there may be some unavoidable changes.

Essential Information

All characters will require an English accent unless stated otherwise in their character description.

A read of the play will be held at the Genesian Theatre on Monday, 16th of March at 7pm. All are welcome to attend and to ask any questions about the play, as well as hear it read aloud. It is a fun and informal evening for members and non-members.

Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals will be held in Marrickville predominantly, with some being held at the Genesian theatre. Both rehearsal venues are easily accessible by train and/or bus.

Rehearsals will be held three times a week - Monday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm, Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm and Sundays 11am-4:30pm with rehearsals commencing on the 29th of March. Not all cast will be required at every rehearsal. All cast must be available for tech and dress weeks from 16th to the 27th of May, weekend days and week nights.

Please flag in advance if you have any clashes on rehearsal, tech, or dress days.

All cast must be available for all performances - Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings from 29th of May to the 11th of July. It is a long run, which gives the cast a great amount of time to get comfortable and play to full houses.


Mrs Tredwell
Female | 40s-70s

The housekeeper of the grand Chimneys estate.

Monsieur Lemoine
Male | 30s-40s

The mysterious French detective, on the hunt for a renowned jewel thief. French accent required for this role.

Lord Caterham
Male | 50s-70s

Owner of the grand Chimneys estate and father of Bundle. A good humoured fellow with little interest in the politics that surrounds him.

Lady Eileen Brent (Bundle)
Female | 20s

Caterham's young daughter, who has a good sense of humour and loves a bit of mischief.

George Lomax
Male | 30s-40s

Works in British government foreign office. Uptight and traditional, visiting Chimneys to make certain an international trade deal goes ahead.

Bill Eversleigh
Male | 20s-30s

Works for George Lomax and an old friend of Anthony Cade.

Anthony Cade
Male | 20s-30s

British-educated adventurer, 14 years since he was last in England. Romantic male lead.

Virginia Revel
Female | 20s-30s

Lomax's cousin and friend of Bundle visiting Chimneys. Romantic female lead.

The Stranger | Boris Andrassy | Monsieur X
Male | 20s-30s

These are three very important roles, however the characters never appear onstage at the same time so they will be combined. This will require a talented performer, who can portray a Prince, his loyal dogsbody and French detective. Eastern European and French accents are required for these roles.

Superintendent Battle
Male | 40s-60s

The brilliant Scotland Yard detective who arrives at Chimneys to solve the case.

Herman Banks
Male | 40s-60s

Financier of a British oil syndicate.

An amateur production by arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd