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Hay Fever

By Noel Coward

Directed by Nanette Frew

Season: 4th July - 8th August 2009
Preview night 3rd July 2009
Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

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Arguably Noel Coward's best comedy about the mad-cap Bliss family and the games they play on their unsuspecting guests. Set in the roaring twenties, Hay Fever is a delightful comedy of an elegant weekend in the country. With Coward's ever-witty dialogue, Hay Fever is sure to please.

Director:Nanette Frew
Set Design:Debbie Smith
Costume Design:Susan Carveth
Lighting & Sound Design:Michael Schell
Set Construction:Grant Fraser
Continuity:Frances Milat
Acknowledgements:Meg Mooney


Stage Manager:Diane Henderson
Bio-Box:Timothy Abrams
Bio-Box:Lily Ho


Sorel Bliss:Marisa-Clare Berzins
Simon Bliss:Michael Sutherland
Judith Bliss:Hilary Miller
Clara:Susan Carveth
David Bliss:Timothy Bennett
Sandy Tyrell:Mark Franklin
Myra Arundel:Melanie Robinson
Richard Greatham:Jordan Watt
Jackie Coryton:Victoria India Cotman