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My Family poster

My Family and Other Animals

(aka The Durrells - as seen on TV)

By Gerald Durrell

Adapted by Janys Chambers

Directed by Liz Munro and Mark G. Nagle

Creative Team

Directors: Liz Munro & Mark G. Nagle
Lighting & Sound Designer: Michael Schell
Production Designer : Ella Monti
Set Designer: Mitch Latham


10 September – 15 October 2022


Preview : 9 September 7:30pm
Opening : 10 September 7:30pm
Fr1 & Sat 7:30pm, Sun 4.30 pm

Rehearsals (in Marrickville)

TBA subject to cast availability, commencing early July 2022

Audition Dates

Monday 27th June 12-2pm
Tues 28 June - Thu 30 June day or eve
Fri July 1st 10am-12pm
Sun July 3rd daytime

Audition Requirements

A short comedic piece of your choosing.
A monologue from the play relating to each character has been selected and will be sent to you.

To Book an Audition

It is essential that you read the play before submitting an Audition Form
To request a copy of the Script and Audition Form please email:

Please Note

Genesian Theatre Company is a volunteer-based organisation and there is no payment for this production.

About the Directors

Liz Munro studied Directing for the Stage at NIDA Open (2019 and 2020). Stage Manager for many productions. Assistant Director: A Room with a View, Ladies in Black (musical), Director: The Sure Thing, Salsa Dancing, Murdered to Death.

Mark Nagle studied Performance & Directing at Theatre Nepean and NIDA Open (2012 & 2017). Directing: Simpson, J. 202, A Room With A View, A Passage To India, Young Pretender, Angry Fags, Beautiful Thing.

Roles Available

Principal Roles

(the ages are as pertaining to the script with a level of flexibility)

Roger (the dog) - physical, non-speaking role, any age/gender.

Spiro - (male) 30s-50s, some dialogue in Greek.

The Durrells:

Mother - (female) 40s

Larry - (male) early/mid 20s

Leslie - (male) late teens/early 20s

Margo - (female) late teens/early 20s

*Gerry / Gerald mid/late teens (any gender) NB: These are merged roles for an actor conveying the child Gerry and the dialogue of the mature Gerald. Not separate roles for 2 actors.

Supporting Roles

Many roles are combined (some ages/genders are the creation of the Directors, and should be seen as a suggestion only)

Agathi - (female) 40+, some dialogue / singing in Greek.

Yani - (male) Agathi's husband

Lugaretzia - (female) 40+, some dialogue / singing in Greek. The family maid.

Sophia - (female) Village woman / friend to Lugaretzia

Mr Kralevsky - (male) an aviculturist.

Mrs Kralevsky - (his mother) 40+

Customs Officer - any age/gender.

Jonquil - any age/gender. Artist friend of Larry's.

Durant - any age/gender. Artist friend of Larry's.

Michael - (male) Artist friend of Larry's.

Customs Officer - any age/gender.

Hotel Manager - any age/gender.

Doctor Androuchelli - any age/gender.

Tarkan - (young male) some dialogue / singing in Turkish - a suiter for Margo.

Peter - (male) another suitor for Margo.

George - (male) Gerry's tutor.

Kosti - (male) Island prisoner / keeper of Alecko the Gull.

Other characters as well as various animals are played by the cast.
Some Greek dialogue/singing for all actors.

We are actively seeking Greek speaking actors to play a number of roles.

We welcome applications from performers with differing levels of experience and training. We also very much encourage submissions from people who identify as First Nations, PoC, CaLD, queer and/or gender diverse.

An Amateur Production By Arrangement With ORiGiNTM Theatrical On Behalf Of Nick Hern Books