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Appointment With Death

by Agatha Christie

Directed by Barry Nielsen

Season: 9th July - 20th August 2016
Preview night 8th July
Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

The performance runs for two and a half hours with an interval.

"The rose red city of Petra" as one character romantically describes it becomes the backdrop for a fascinating study of the effect one powerful personality can have on those held in its spell. Mrs Boynton rules her family with an iron grip of cruelty and sadism but the family members yearn to break free. Can the power of love break the chains? Someone needs to die to speed the process. When that death comes everyone is a suspect, almost everyone has something to gain. Will the solution set them all free or condemn them to yet more misery?

DirectorBarry Nielsen
Assistant DirectorDaniel Hitchings
Set DesignOwen Gimblett
Costume DesignSusan Carveth
Lighting & Sound DesignMichael Schell

Stage ManagerDi Henderson
Janina Olmos-New
Lighting & Sound OperationEleni Pyretzis
Amy Roberts

Mrs BoyntonLeilani Loau
Lennox BoyntonBrendan Raymond
Nadine BoyntonGrace O'Connell
Raymond BoyntonDavid Belcher
Ginevra BoyntonRebecca Sutherland
Lady WestholmeSandra Bass
Miss PryceLois Marsh
Mr HiggsRod Stewart
Dr Wilhelm GruberVincent O'Neill
Dr Sarah KingAnna Hitchings
The DragomanEmmanuel Said
Colonel CarberyDavid Stewart-Hunter
Jefferson CopeBarry James Acosta
Kunal Lakhani

By arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd