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A Slight Case of Murder

by Damon Runyon & Howard Lindsay

Directed by Del Dines

Season: 20th June - 15th August 1998

A highly colourful comedy set in Saratoga Springs in 1935 - post Prohibition! It was written by Damon Runyon - from whose book and characters "Guys & Dolls" was written - and Howard Lindsay, who went on to collaborate on the writing of plays and musicals such as "Life with Father", "Sound of Music" and "Call Me Madam".

Marko, ex-racketeer/bootlegger, arrives with his entourage at the country house for the big race meeting. He and his henchman (now butler, chauffeur and cook) are struggling to come to terms with their new-found respectability. Wife Nora is riding hihg on the "legitimate" bandwagon, principally for the sake of daughter Mary who has returned from schooling in Europe and announced she is engaged to one of THE Whitelaws.

The planned decorum is shattered by a macabre discovery and slick action must be taken before the arrival of the Whitelaws - closely followed by the party loving drop-ins from the nostalgic "good old days".

Cast: Jim Mannell, Rose Frasca, Vanessa Turrisi, Peter Demlakian, Keith McIlroy, Don Ferguson, Ian McGregor, Harold Kissin, Colin Small, Ray Forsyth, Paul Olislagers, Roger Smith, Melissa Evans, Genevieve Mortiss, Faith Jessel, Alexia McIlroy, James Grant, Arun Mukerjee, Paul Treacy