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The Man Who Came to Dinner

by George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart

Directed by Elaine Hudson

Season: 18th October - 13th December 1997

Acid-tongued radio celebrity, Sheridan Whiteside, breaks his hip while on a lecture tour of America.

Forced to stay in the suburban home of the Stanley family for several weeks, Whiteside proceeds to terrorise the inhabitants and their neighbours. Intimacy with the "great one" is not quite the thrilling experience the family anticipated!

Kaufman and Hart's classic comedy The Man Who Came to Dinner. offers a laugh a minute as so many rabbits are pulled from so many hats that theatregoers will applaud the wit, skill and panache of this talented duo.

John Mason Brown writing on Kaufman observed "I'd rather see a play I can laugh at tonight than one which I might possibly read fifty years from now". The Man Who Came to Dinner satisfies on both counts; it is hilarious and apparently timeless.

How the Stanley's cope with Sheridan, his secretary, nurse, sycophantic friends and special Christmas broadcast will leave you laughing long after curtain call.

Cast: Vola Vandere, Barbara Thompson, Trent Kallu, Suellen Watts, Jonathon Rich, Shane Bates, Carmen Russo, Robin Castles, Phillipa Coleman, George Porthouse, Tony Girdler, Lucy Clifford, Paul Douglas, Peter Astrid, Serhat Caradee, Andrew Robjohns, Paul Treacy, Stuart Greenfield