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Daylight Saving

by Nick Enright

Directed by Richard Rowe

Season: 18th February - 1st April 1995

Communication ... When I was originally approached to direct Daylight Saving at this lovely theatre, I thought "what a great opportunity to give something back." How wrong can one be!

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone involved in this production. So much so, that I now feel indebted to them and also, in the process, I have made many new friends.

The art of communication is not something we can perform on our own; as much as we want to say something, the other person may not be capable of understanding; and as much as we want to listen, the other person may be talking another language. So we find ourselves playing charades. Oh what fun! and the conversations we have! We receive and send information...

If tonight, you promise to listen carefully, the performers will share a story with you: a simple theatrical feast. I know because this wonderful cast has told me the story many times during rehearsal, and I laughed a lot, but I also think they're trying to tell us something else ... could it be about communication?

Cast: Greg Delaney, Rose Frasca, Shirley Alexander, Ben MacKenzie, Kate Maxwell, Andrew Castle